5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Reusable Water Bottle | Highzen Water Bottles

Across the world many people are ditching harmful plastic water bottles for Stainless Steel Water Bottles. Here are 5 reasons why reusable water bottles are the best alternatives to disposable cups and containers:

  1. They’re Good For The Planet. The fact that you can reuse stainless steel cups and bottles over and over again with minimal to no deterioration is perhaps one of the biggest reasons.
  2. Healthier and Safer. Plastic water bottles are definitely not high on the list of environmentally friendly material, but they’re even worse when it comes to your overall health and potential toxins getting into your food and water and ultimately into you. Most water bottles are not designed to be reused, and a growing amount of people are starting to lean towards stainless steel cups and bottles to store liquids rather than a processed piece of plastic that is loaded with toxins.
  3. Your drinks taste better. Stainless Steel, especially polished stainless steel does not hold or retain flavors or smells. I carry soup or stew in my bottle for lunch sometimes at work, and a quick rinse with warm water and a small drop of soap removes all the smells or residue from my bottle after the first wash. Then I fill my bottle with coffee (If its been a rough morning) or ice cold water or juice.
  4. They Keep Liquids Hot Or Cold For a Pretty Long Time. I live in Zhejiang Province, in summer it's extremely hot. Although it may sound funny to others, having a big cup of ice cold water that I can take with me outside and wherever I go and not have to worry about it getting warm or melting makes the quality of your day increase pretty substantially. I’m sure others who live in areas where it is much more cold could say the same about a cup of hot coffee that stays hot! Another added bonus to the design of these bottles and the material Highzen bottle utilize is that most high quality stainless steel water bottles will not sweat or form condensation on your desk or wherever you store/place them. 
  5. Attractive and Practical Design. Highzen bottle have some of the deepest and richest color versions available. That, plus the high quality material and polished stainless steel makes these bottles really stand out. However, being pretty doesn't make something useful! Thankfully these bottles have an ergonomically efficient design that makes carrying, storing, or using them a breeze.